Welcome to The Drive

While we haven’t lived under the same roof in almost 8 years, my brother and I have probably never gone longer than two weeks at a time without communicating in some sort of way. Whenever and however it was that we would connect, Dan would share with me some recent events that happened in his life and I would respond with similar stories from my life. The conversations were not long, the topics of discussion rarely straying away from sports, friends or family. I thought it was great that my brother knew everything that was going on in my life even though we were several states apart. But eventually I realized, guess who else knows when my fraternity throws a party or the grade I got on my recent Finance test? My other 1,492 friends on Facebook.

Needless to say, Dan is different in one specific way from those 1,492 very special people in my social media world. He’s my best friend. Always has been, always will be.

So what has made Dan my best friend thus far in my life? Sure, he was there when I graduated from the University of Florida and he’ll absolutely be standing by my side whenever the day comes that I get married. But the bond we have built comes from not only those joyous moments but sharing the experiences and thoughts along the way that are not always on the surface. It has been about the The Drive, not the destination.


In creating this website together, my brother and I hope to shine light on the role sports has played in our lives and the power it holds in today’s society. Moreover, we want to highlight how much each and every one of us can learn from the world of sports about leadership, inspiration, determination and beyond.

Tell me, which brings you more joy: checking the internet and seeing that your favorite team has won or watching the entire game until your team reigned victorious at the end? While we all, as sports fans, cherish the accomplishments of our favorite teams and athletes, the magnitude of joy is that much greater when we are able to experience the journey to the top. It’s about more than the final score, more than the statistics in a box score.

That, in its purest form, is the focus of this website: not just celebrating a moment in time, but examining the emotions and stories that erupt along the way. Welcome to The Drive.


Jon Reaves
Writer/Co-Founder of “The Drive”


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