Daily Driver Series – 1/8/2013

Jordan_TheFluGame - 01-08-2013

“The Flu Game” – June 11th, 1997; NBA Finals Game 5, Chicago Bulls v. Utah Jazz

Okay, you wake up this morning and you’re feeling a little under-weather (like most of America this winter) and so you decide that maybe you’ll save your work-out for tomorrow.  Maybe later this week you’ll study for that test or look for your dream job.  Maybe feeling less than 100% is excuse enough to pack it in for the day and wait until tomorrow to push yourself harder.  If you are thinking this, I offer today’s Daily Driver for perspective, motivation.

On June 11th, 1997, Michael Jordan laid in his bed in a hotel in Salt Lake City and had a choice to make: succumb to the convenient excuse of sickness and sit out Game 5 or listen to his inner Drive and let nothing hold him back from success.   What transpired was one of the grittiest moments in basketball history as Jordan took the floor in Game 5 for 44 gutsy minutes during which he poured in 38 points (15 in the 4th quarter), 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals and, most importantly, a 3-2 series edge.  He chose to use The Drive to overcome adversity.   Will you?


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