Daily Driver Series – 1/9/2013


Eric LeGrand

Seemingly every day, we encounter setbacks or bumps in the road along the path we had planned that day. It could be a constant stream of e-mails weighing on our mind, something in our personal life paining our heart or unfriendly co-workers dampening our spirits.

After being paralyzed during a 2010 football game while playing for Rutgers University, Eric LeGrand had to make a choice. Either he gave in to the obstacle he had come face to face with or he could choose to believe in his mind, heart and spirit. And if Eric LeGrand has taught the world anything, it’s that that those three things can overcome any and all obstacles. The mind is the most powerful asset we have and will forever work in your favor if you train it do so. The heart is a believer, the part of us that wills us to carry on even when the rest of the body simply refuses. Finally, our spirit is the North Star during the darkest of times and reminds us who we set out to be when we started on the journey to reach our goals.

So while the ups and downs of our everyday lives want to capture our entire focus, I want you to continue to believe in yourself just like Eric LeGrand did when faced with the challenge of a lifetime. Paralysis did not touch his mind, heart or spirit and those three things have gone on to inspire us all.

Yesterday’s Daily Driver (1/8)

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