Daily Driver Series – 1/15/2013


“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” – Steve Prefontaine

They’re all around us every day: the bed we wake up in, the family that loves us or the friends that surround us. They are things that, while taken for granted occasionally, are always accounted for when we thank our lucky stars for everything we’ve been given. These are the intangibles that we should rightfully be grateful for because of the role they all play in our lives. But on your journey to the top, during the pursuit of your dreams do not forget about one blessing that we literally would be nowhere without.

The opportunity.

Each and every chance that is put before us to reach our goals is one that should not and cannot be taken for granted. Understand that no matter what you’re pursuing, there is always someone that wishes they could be in your position. Would trade anything to stand in front of the same obstacle you are, calculating the same path you are. Therein lies the gift that we are given when we choose to pursue our dreams: an opportunity.

It is not something you always earn but it is something that you can lose. It is not a guarantee of success but rather agreement that you’ll try. And try you will. Because giving anything less than everything you have to offer in the face of your challenges will be a disservice to you and more importantly, to your dreams.

Acknowledge the gifts around you. Greet every opportunity with open arms. For this may be your opportunity to be great. An opportunity to be relentless. An opportunity to be better than you imagined.

Yesterday’s Daily Driver (1/14)


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