Daily Driver Series – 1/17/2013

01-17-2013_Kobe Shooting Alone

Success is not about what we do when others are watching.  It’s not raucous crowds chanting “M-V-P” or touchdown catches or home runs or hat-tricks.   Nor is it multi-million dollar contracts, endorsement deals or movie cameos.   It isn’t about performing for a crowd or only showing up and working out when the going is easy.  Nor is it based on “god-given” talent, freakish athleticism, physical stature or even blind luck.

What is it then?

Success is simply a well-advertised performance of an activity that we have trained and prepared for over days, weeks, months or years to be able to execute perfectly and repeatedly.   It is the summation of the bad days and the good days, the “it’s never going to happen” moments and the “anything is possible” moments, even the tears of frustration and the tears of joy.   It is earned as a final product of all those times where you told yourself “one more rep” or “one extra minute” or “let’s practice that again.”

Regardless of whether you’re a professional athlete or just an athletic professional, success begins and ends with the work, determination and attitude that you bring to work every day and it can be defined by the days when you bring it and no one else is there to watch.  When “game-day” speed is the only speed you know.   When “you versus your doubts” and “you versus your goals” are tougher match-ups than the actual games you play.  And when you measure yourself not by stats, records, salary or Twitter followers, but by how much you’ve grown and progressed toward fulfilling your goals.  Success may be the destination, but you have to have The Drive day in and day out to get there.

Reader Feedback: What do you do when no one is watching? How do you make yourself better when the going gets tough?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Yesterday’s Daily Driver (01/16)

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