The Drive Soundtrack: Accept No Defeat

Sometimes reading the words doesn’t always pack enough punch. Even a picture doesn’t do it justice. But hearing it? I’m listening. This week, we are putting together a mini-playlist of songs that are at the top of the playlist when embarking on a tough workout or a long run. These songs will not only serve as your inspiration but also represent the message we seek to share at The Drive. Listen, read then get going, you’ve got some dreams to chase!


K’Naan – Wavin’ Flag

For all of you soccer fans, this song may sound familiar. Used as the theme song for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, “Wavin’ Flag” represented one simple thing to people all around the world: hope. K’Naan’s voice is almost urging us to look on the bright side of things, to acknowledge how lucky we are to be able to wake up each morning and pursue our goals.

“Out of the darkness, I came the farthest”

If you’ve been dealt a tough hand, try to understand that the farther you have to go just means the more room you have to grow. There are countless stories of athletes, business people or leaders that took it upon themselves to make their situation better with their own actions. Use your situation as motivation. Be the one that climbs the highest from the lowest point.

 “Accept no defeat, surrender, retreat”

Setbacks can take many different forms. Some things are out of your control and you must embrace the failure. But most often, it is our own self-will that can let us down. Do not back down from pursuing your dreams just because one person tells you they’re unrealistic or because one day didn’t go as planned. You cannot fail if you never stop trying.

If you never stop trying then everyday can be viewed as progress. Even if it feels like you took a step back in your journey, it’s better than not moving at all. You can learn, you can overcome. Instead of the rhetoric that says to make sure your dreams stay attainable, hold fast to the notion that you should never lost sight of your dreams. No matter what your vision may be, remember that everyday you’re getting closer.

“So we patiently wait, for that fateful day, it’s not far away…”


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