The Drive Soundtrack: A Formula for Success

Fort Minor – Remember the Name

Success. It is measured differently by just about everyone and yet we all understand it as something to reach for. It represents the concept or idea that we have achieved some milestone or reached some “landmark” that indicates we have attained a desired level of performance or happiness. Our parents, our teachers, our mentors and even our bosses all tell us that success can often be hard to reach, but yet many of them also claim they know “how to get there.” They each provide us with some “formula” or “path” to success that probably includes a “good education” and some form of “quality employment.” However, that “formula” never seems to work nor does it ever feel quite right. If so many people claim to have solved this puzzle, why does it seem so elusive? And where should I start? Well, what if the real secret that tied together all these “formulas” wasn’t about the tasks or milestones, but instead was about the mind-set and approach you took with every situation and every challenge you faced? That if you worried less about the exact task at hand and focused more on what you had to put into it to complete it then success might just come to you. And that when you apply this mind-set to everything you do day in and day out, you will not only be successful, you might also inspire those around you to work harder too. That is true success and this is really embodied in Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name.” The words, the beat, the passion and the fire in the words jump out of the speakers and really evoke that “underdog” mentality – i.e. I might not be known or respected as much as I deserve now, but I’m going to quietly put in the work, the effort and the time to prove the critics wrong and re-introduce myself to the world as a champion, a success.

This is ten percent luck…

Some call it luck, some call it timing, but regardless of the term, there is always an element of unpredictability that factors into success. You cannot control it or change it and you have to accept that or you will forever find yourself frustrated and step short. Instead, use that energy to prepare yourself for the moment so that when the opportunity appears, you’re ready to make the most of the “timing” or “luck” that comes your way.

Twenty percent skill…

Luck may be important, but success can never be achieved on chance alone. This is where skill factors in as you must have the mental and physical abilities to complete the required tasks along the road to success. Skill is derived from two sources. First, there’s the natural-born talent that we are all given. Not just some of us, all of us are given significant natural talent. It might vary in form and function, but those that appear to “have” more are merely the ones that recognize and utilize their unique strengths. The other source of skill is the practiced behavior that we develop, hone and refine through dedicated training and repetition. This is part is 100% in our control and takes a lot more mental fortitude than physical prowess to truly develop.

Fifteen percent concentrated power of will…

Will-power is what brings your skills to life. Without it, there is no energy or purpose behind your actions and the results will be sure to disappoint. However, with it, you are able to not only fully unlock your full set of abilities, but you may also be able to elevate your performance even beyond your initial limits. Skills are what look good on paper or in practice, but will-power is what enables skills to lead to results, to success.

Five percent pleasure…

All work and no happiness is recipe for disaster and so the road to success has got to have moments of joy and elation along the way. Although relishing too long in the small victories might distract you from your ultimate goals, allowing yourself to bask in partial milestones can give you that extra energy and determination to stay committed to your goal. Getting a small taste of the final product, of the ultimate goal, only makes you want success more.

Fifty percent pain…

Pain, whether as the sting of failure, the ache of consistent effort or the blunt force of a setback, will be a part of the journey. Pain is what makes success hard. Pain is why people stop, why they give up or quit before the job is done. Success and happiness may be fleeting, but pain is unforgiving and incessant. Pain will hang around as long as you allow it and it will push upon your weaknesses until you break. Or until you get stronger. Until you decide to stop fighting the pain and start having it become the fuel to push yourself harder and farther. Until you believe that the payoff of success will far outweigh the pain and hardship along the way.

And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!

Memory. It’s a unique, powerful and yet complex mechanism that we use to store images, facts, moments and even feelings about something that has previously occurred. The key, though, to the unique and nuanced quality of memories is that they are not just perfect carbon copies of past events, but rather are our own perceptions of actual events given available (and likely incomplete) information. This critical difference means that we are subject to a phenomenon called “impressions.” Whether it’s a first impression, a lasting impression or bad impressions, we form memories of people based on our interactions with them and the qualities they outwardly exude during these engagements. So be purposeful, determined, respectful and committed in every facet of your journey and you’ll not only be happy with where you’ve gotten, but you’ll also be proud (and remembered) for how you got there.

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Sometimes reading the words doesn’t always pack enough punch. Even a picture doesn’t do it justice. But hearing it? I’m listening. This week, we are putting together a mini-playlist of songs that are at the top of the playlist when embarking on a tough workout or a long run. These songs will not only serve as your inspiration but also represent the message we seek to share at The Drive. Listen, read then get going, you’ve got some dreams to chase!


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