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After a long day of working in the sports industry and then coming home to watch sports and read about sports, I like to take a little time before bed every night to take a deep breath and recap what has happened that day. By scrolling through Twitter. To read about sports. I lead a very blessed life.

As I flicked my Twitter timeline up my iPhone screen a few nights ago, my eyes focused in on a tweet that was unlike any of the others I had been reading. It read simply, “Wonder if SportsCenter even cares about the Blackhawks. Probably not.”Fortunately, I am a pretty plugged-in sports fan so I knew that this person was referencing the streak that the Chicago Blackhawks are currently pulling off during the NHL season. But it made me chuckle to myself the irony of the tweet: he was in essence complaining that people weren’t giving the Hawks enough credit for what they were doing, which is a streak that he failed to even mention in the tweet. If you really care about…people caring about what you want them to, why don’t you just talk about that?

Ok. That rant is beside the point. The reality is that the Chicago Blackhawks are currently putting together one of the most incredible streaks in recent memory. They have played 24 games so far this year, which is actually the mid-way point of their strike shortened season, and have lost exactly ZERO of those games in regulation. Sure, they’re certifiably human because they have been outlasted by opponents in 3 overtime shootouts this year. But in the NHL, a team gets 2 points for a win and 1 point for a loss in an overtime shootout. So with a record of 21-0-3, the Hawks have racked up a total of 45 of a possible 48 points this year. That is absolute and utter dominance. In comparison, the best winning streak in the NBA this year is the current 16-game run by the Miami Heat…which you may be familiar with if you’ve spent longer than a millisecond on any sports medium run by ESPN in the past month.

Which brings me back to the disgruntled tweet. Is the streak the Blackhawks are on incredible? Absolutely. Do they get adequate air-time on SportsCenter for what they’re accomplishing? Probably not. Do the Blackhawks or any of their fans really care? They shouldn’t and they most likely do not.

Goals and dreams are not meant to be achieved for the sake of anything other than what you deem important.

When you set out on a long run, do it because it lets you feel free and not because a celebrity is doing it. When you work late to finish a project, do it because your work means a lot to you not because you want to impress your boss. And when you’re enjoying your success, cherish the moment because you’ve accomplished a goal not because others are around to watch.

So while a dream may mean something to people beyond just you, reaching that dream should include a journey that you get to dictate. When the Blackhawks take the ice every night, they’re not thinking about making a top play in order get onto some highlight reel. The coach isn’t diagramming plays for the camera to show on television. And when they’re behind the scenes, practicing and working out, there is not a second of thought about who’s tweeting about their progress. They do all those things because they want to win. Nothing more, nothing else.

Run your path, consistently and confidently, without worrying about who is around to watch you. Dreams are not meant to be talked or tweeted about. They are meant to be achieved.

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