It Just Takes One


March 28th, 1992. Philadelphia Spectrum, NCAA East Regional Finals. Duke vs. Kentucky.

There was no way. No fathomable way a semi-sane person, even someone who knew nothing about the game of basketball much less the brevity of the situation, could imagine a way in which this game didn’t end in despair for the Blue Devils. Sometimes, no matter how much you want something, it just isn’t your day. Sometimes fate just has different plans. All the fans clad in Duke blue and black, including the family of Duke Coach Krzyzewski, had begrudgingly accepted the heartbreak that sports can provide unlike anything else.

But all it takes is one. One chance. One pass. One move. One shot for the history books. One person that believed unflinchingly in the face of failure. That person was Christian Laettner.

Stop me if you’re heard this before: sometimes believing is really what matters most. Not necessarily in a religion, a story or even the situation at hand. Believing in yourself is often the hardest part for all of us. So today, 11 days into the new year, ask yourself how much you truly believe in yourself to reach those resolutions you set. Ask yourself how much you believe yourself when you say that this year is going to be YOUR year.

It just takes one. One person to answer those questions. You’re the master of your own fate, the champion of your own game of life! So no matter how bleak your situation feels or how far you know you have to go, just believe! It will be the first, yet biggest, step you take in the pursuit of your goals.

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