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Jimmy V Week – Coach V’s Formula for Success, Motivation

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“Don’t give up, don’t ever give up”

It’s a simple concept. But it may be the most difficult lesson you will ever have to teach yourself.

If you’re like me, when you read that quote or think of any similar combination of words…you hear the encouraging tone of Jim Valvano, imploring you to dig a little bit deeper. For most of us, these words can be applied to daily battles with our workout routine or career aspirations. For Jim Valvano, these words were a motto, a truth and a plea to anyone who had ever considered throwing in the towel when their situation became less than ideal. And if we’re being blunt with ourselves…that applies to every single one of us.

Alright, let me tell you a quick story that will help delve a little deeper into what Jimmy V is really trying to convey through those iconic words. It’s a simple story that happens every time I go for a run: I get really tired. It may be because it’s hot outside, because I’ve been running for a seemingly long time or because I have not gone for a run in a definitely long time. Here’s the daunting mind game that plays in my head every time I get tired while running, “Hey, it’s just me out here. I can stop anytime I want to, it’s not like there’s a scoreboard or anyone watching me.” So I stop. I catch my breath, walk a little while before gathering enough wherewithal to finish that last quarter of a mile. I feel pretty good about myself after exercising and I convince myself that the nagging guilt in the back of my head just stems from the fact that I don’t go for a run nearly as much as I should.

But no matter how many days in a row I go for a run, every time stop when the hill gets steeper or my legs tired, I’m selling myself short. Therein lies the exact opportunity to apply the deeper meaning of Jimmy V’s words – it’s not just about the quantity of our work, it’s about the quality of our work.

Again, another simple concept that most of us can wrap our heads around. But it’s how and when we apply it that is preventing us from benefiting the way Jimmy V wanted us to. Most of us that have dreams understand what it takes to work on a daily basis, pushing through minor obstacles and motivating ourselves from time to time. But the perils of quitting don’t truly show their face until we reach the moment that we perceive as our limit. Once we discover where we think our limits are, we can then begin to truly teach ourselves about work ethic.

If you’re going for a run, push yourself until you find that moment you want to give up…and then keep going.

If you’re chasing a dream, find the limits of what you think is really possible…and then extend those boundaries even further.

Check out this clip from one of Jimmy V’s famous speeches!


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