Bro v. Bro

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Looking for a little competition (or at least friendly sibling discussion) over current sports issues and topics?  Look no further than our new “Bro v. Bro” weekly discussion forum that will ask each of us to briefly (<100 words) give our best thoughts, opinions or musings on a “triple threat” of questions.  The topics for discussion can range from breaking sports news stories to our personal accounts of how sports have influenced our lives.

And, as with any brotherly debate, we’re not guaranteed to agree on everything so we definitely would like to hear your thoughts to help settle the debate (there is, of course, no ties).   Also, feel free to suggest new topics for discussion by posting in the comments section or tweeting us (@TheDriveSports) with #BroVBro and your topic suggestion.

Thanks again for reading (and debating)!


Dan Reaves and Jon Reaves

Writers/Co-Founders of “The Drive”

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