Win (verb) – to get possession of by effort or fortune

It’s the pinnacle of our dreams and goals. The defining difference between success and failure. Every morning I wake up, no matter what I am doing that day, and think to myself “I want to win today.” Winning brings us unparalleled joy and happiness, emotions that reverberate in our bodies long after an event or day has passed.

But the most common misconception about winning is that it merely comes down to a final score, statistic or outcome. While The Drive does not necessarily support the publically accepted “moral victory”, there is more involved in the journey to a win than just the final result. A win does not just happen by chance, it is a product that is developed over a period of time through perseverance and focus. To win is to take part in a relentless pursuit of being the best.

Notice that in the definition of win, it does not mention words like talent, skill or luck. It does not take talent to work hard. It does not take skill to be determined. And you do not need luck if you prepare properly. It would be discrediting the difficulty of winning if I said that all you need is effort because a work ethic is just the blue print for building towards success. But if each and every one of us is capable of wanting something, then we should all be prepared to work for it.

Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.

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